Golden Wonder is celebrating its Scottish roots by adding a flavoursome twist to its range of crisps with a Haggis flavour.

Golden Wonder’s Haggis crisps is available now in both multi-packs of six 25g packs (RRP £1.49) and impulse packs with 15% extra free (RRP 57p per 37.5g). 

Matthew Smith, marketing director at Golden Wonder, said: “Here at Golden Wonder, we’re very proud of our Scottish roots and with the brand’s 70th anniversary just around the corner, we thought it was time to celebrate the fact that we were founded in Edinburgh with a flavour that salutes Scotland’s national dish.

“We’ve been working on our Haggis flavour for some time, as we wanted it to perfectly reflect Golden Wonder’s heritage. As we know our customers love our fully flavoured crisps, we can guarantee our distinctive Haggis flavour packs more punch per crunch so it’s a great opportunity to stock up in time for Burn’s Night”.