Mars Chocolate has launched a four week TV run for its Galaxy Duet bar, featuring a new version of the song Moon River, which has featured in previous Galaxy adverts. The Duet ad first aired on Sunday during ITV1’s The X Factor and forms part of an integrated £1.5m campaign, which also includes PR, social media and YouTube activity. A partnership with Spotify is also helping to generate further engagement.

The new advert opens to a duet rendition of Moon River with a modern twist. Chanele McGuinness of Ireland provides a soft melody, while Bxnjamin of London, weaves into this with a rap.

Galaxy senior brand manager Christoph Weber said: “Since the now iconic Galaxy advert starring Audrey Hepburn and featuring Moon River first landed on our TV screens in 2013, the tune has really grown to become a part of the brand.

“Galaxy Duet provides consumers and with the chance to create their own perfect harmony when it comes to indulging in their favourite chocolate, so we’re excited to bring this to life through the two very unique voices of Chanele Bxnjamin, but in a way that stays true to the brand.”

Galaxy is Mars’ biggest confectionery brand in the UK and the nation’s second largest chocolate brand, worth approximately £216m and growing 10% year-on-year, claims the firm. It is also being supported by a major £12m media campaign, with TV advertising spread across 35 weeks in 2015 making it the most advertised chocolate brand in the UK.