Mars Chocolate UK is revealing a new advert for Galaxy, bidding a fond farewell to the iconic Audrey Hepburn, who has been on screens since first airing in 2013.

This new advert will be broadcast for the first time on the evening of Sunday 3 September and forms part a £3m campaign lasting until the end of 2017.

‘Thought Train’ features the award-winning Shakespearean actress and published poet Jade Anouka, and is a representation of an empowered woman in a hectic world.

Galaxy celebrates pleasure as the essence of the brand, and the new advert moves back to the heart of the brand story by encouraging people to choose pleasure. ‘Thought Train’ reflects how tech can dominate our lives and by featuring a modern-day heroine, Galaxy wants to inspire people to put distractions aside and commit to a mind-set that chooses pleasure not as a luxury, but as an essential.

The new creative sees the female heroine, Jade, sitting on a train when a mysterious blue bird lands on the table in front of her and catches her eye, signifying the ever-updating newsfeeds of a social media platform. She follows the blue bird into the next carriage where she is confronted with train walls plastered in thousands of sticky notes, detailing hectic reminders of everyday life. As the carriage starts to spin, time slows down and Jade falls into the next carriage where brightly coloured 3D spheres appear as though she is part of a video game. She begins to wade through the spheres as the carriage starts to tilt. Jade and the spheres tumble through the carriage and then suddenly, she is back to reality. Instantly she realises she has fallen down the rabbit hole of technology; she turns over her phone, blocks out the clamour, and actively chooses to focus on her own pleasure by eating a bar of Galaxy chocolate.

Michele Oliver, VP of marketing at Mars Chocolate UK, said: “Audrey Hepburn encapsulated the luxury of Galaxy and illustrated the idea of actively choosing moments of pleasure. ‘Thought Train’ is the next stage of this journey. A strong female icon has always been at the heart of the Galaxy story and our new heroine, Jade Anouka, is no different. She is a representation of the modern day, empowered woman and we hope that through this advert, our audience will be able to identify with the symbolic world she finds herself in.

“The Galaxy brand has a long history of encouraging women to pursue pleasure - whether that’s a moment to really enjoy your favourite chocolate or a decision to put yourself first for once.”