Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C., the London brewer and premium pub company, has released its 2017 edition of Vintage Ale, the annual limited-edition brew made using this year’s cream of the crop ingredients.

The 2017 Vintage Ale (rrp £6, 8.5% ABV), is the 21st edition in the range. This brew uses a malt and hop combination never seen before in a Fuller’s beer. Pouring a deep amber colour, Vintage Ale 2017 opens with distinctive citrus aromas from the Denali hop, an experimental American hop variety. This brew also includes a new malting barley – a British variety called Laureate.

All bottles are individually numbered and will be available from Fuller’s Brewery Shop in Chiswick and online at https://shop.fullers.co.uk/products/vintage-ale-2017.

Fuller’s Head Brewer George Young said: “I am honoured and privileged to be able to put my signature on this year’s Vintage Ale and carry on its legacy.

“As with every Vintage Ale, I am extremely excited to see how these new ingredients work together as the flavours of this bottle conditioned beer develop over time. Bottle conditioning means that a little yeast is left in the bottle, which will mature slowly over the years like a fine wine or whisky – well beyond the ‘best before’ date that we are obliged to state.”