Tangerine Confectionery has put a twist on Fruit Salad chews with its new Bunch of Bon Bons products, delivering the classic Fruit Salad taste in a new format.

Bunch of Bon Bons comes in three assorted flavours and in two different pack formats: a 140g £1pricemarked pack at £1 and a 180g pack retailing at £1.29. Each pack contains a mix of strawberry, lemon and pineapple & raspberry flavour bon bons and unlike traditional harder bon bons, they are soft and chewy.

Following the refreshed packaging for Fruit Salad’s classic chews and stick pack, the packaging for the new Fruit Salad ‘Bunch of Bon Bons’ uses updated and refreshed pack designs, giving them real shelf appeal.

Emma Stanbury, brand manager at Tangerine Confectionery, said: “We are delighted to deliver our much-loved and iconic Fruit Salad brand to the market in a whole new format with Fruit Salad ‘Bunch of Bon Bons’, complete with the brand’s classic fruity flavours and retro-style packaging that are bound to evoke fond memories and promote trial.”

“The bon bons market has grown at an incredible rate over the past 12 months, and coupled with one of our all-time favourite brands, we know this refreshing new way to enjoy memorable Fruit Salad flavours will hugely appeal to sweet lovers of all ages.”

Over forty years since making its first appearance in the market, Fruit Salad’s recognisably unique flavour still packs the same classic fruity punch, ensuring the iconic sweets remain a firm favourite for numerous confectionery fans.

Fruit Salad ‘Bunch of Bon Bons’ will be available through Batley, Landmark, Nisa Wholesale and Sugro.

For stockist details or more information on Tangerine’s range of retro confectionery call 01977 692500.