Crack Open The Unexpected Can

Frosty Jack’s has teamed up with the world’s ‘most famous’ Z-list celebrity hands model, Hans Handerson, for a second year running to encourage the nation to ‘Crack Open the Unexpected’.

The advert, which forms part of a wider multi-channel marketing campaign by Aston Manor Cider, has returned to screens on on-demand channels including Channel 4 and Sky. It will also feature on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

To help retailers expand their business by providing greater value and attracting more customers, Aston Manor Cider will also be running a nationwide shopper campaign offering shoppers the chance to win 1 of 10,000 Frosty Jacks branded ice cube trays when they purchase any Frosty Jacks product this summer.

Brand marketing manager at Aston Manor Cider Grace Anthony, said: “Following the success of our Frosty Jack’s campaign, Aston Manor is keen to further disrupt the category on an even larger scale. The advertising industry is inundated with absurdly expensive celebrity endorsements that simply do not resonate with the current climate, or with Frosty Jack’s ethos. Therefore, we wanted to poke some fun by fabricating the world’s most extravagant, famous non-celebrity, Hans Handerson.

“Not only is the advert packed with humour, but it also offers a more original alternative to a series of shots of liquid being poured into chilled glasses – something which viewers have understandably grown tired of. The vision was simple: save money on celeb endorsements, so our loyal customers can continue to save on our cider. Frosty Jack’s represents inclusion and affordability because we believe that everyone deserves a great refreshing cider.”