Foster’s - the nation’s favourite lager - is proudly celebrating its Australian heritage with the premiere of a new TV ad this Easter weekend.

Set in Melbourne 1888, the ‘Thirstiest Men on Earth’ sees a dramatized version of the brand’s founders rescuing English cricketers with the ultimate in refreshment as they succumb to the searing heat during a match with the Australian squad.

The spot will debut on Friday April 14 during popular comedy, The Last Leg on C4 and launches a multi-million-pound campaign across the summer.

Ifeoma Dozie, beer brand director at Heineken, says: “Foster’s has genuine heritage and we are excited to bring the pioneering founders, William and Ralph Foster, to life in this new campaign. They revolutionized the way beer was served – and ice-cold amber nectar is still enjoyed by millions of drinkers every year.”