Kronenbourg’s ‘taste suprême’ star and football legend Eric Cantona, will appear on packs for the first time, as part of Kronenbourg 1664’s wider ‘Alsace-tians’ campaign which launched earlier this month.

The limited edition packs will be featured across most Kronenbourg 1664 SKUs and are available from Wednesday May 18.

Category and trade marketing director Craig Clarkson said: “Eric Cantona is without doubt one of the most recognisable Frenchmen in the world, so this will give fantastic stand out and huge demand for these limited edition packs. With this year’s sporting events fast approaching, the iconic, illustrated design on the packs will help retailers attract shoppers with eye catching displays in order to maximise beer sales over the summer.”

The iconic, illustrated Cantona image features his trademark popped collar and will also feature on the brand’s bottle label and cans.

Ifeoma Dozie, beer brand director at Heineken said: “The introduction of these limited edition packs to support the new ‘Alsace-tians’ campaign reinforces the quality and suprême taste of Kronenbourg 1664.”

The Eric Cantona packs will be available in the following formats: 6 x 275ml, 12 x 275ml, 15 x 275ml, 660ml NRB, 4 x 440ml, 10 x 440ml, 12 x 440ml, 18 x 440ml, 4 x 500ml (PMP) and 4 x 568ml.