Florette is launching freshly steamed beetroot in a pouch.

The new pack contains natural and sweet, ready-to-eat beetroot that’s been peeled and steamed to retain its delicate flavour. The resealable mess-free pouch not only locks in freshness between uses, it’s easy to access when you want to add it to your favourite dish!

Elsa Deshiere, brand manager at Florette, said: “At Florette we’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate within the category, bringing the tastiest and freshest products to market.

“Our consumer research indicated that a big turn off for consumers when faced with using beetroot is the mess and the hassle associated with its packaging. We therefore set about creating a solution that would provide consumers with a more convenient format. The new pack not only delivers on convenience, our unique steamed beetroot is extra fresh and tasty.

“Florette’s acquisition of Axgro Foods Ltd and expansion into the beetroot market is part of our ongoing strategy to diversify our product range through innovation, ensuring that consumers remain engaged with the prepared salad category. Our beetroot fridge pack is the first of a number of new, ‘unbeetable’ products which consumers and retailers can look forward to from Florette.”

The pouches are available through Nisa, from November.