Fit Kitchen healthy meals are being introduced to the readymade meal market.

Developed with nutritionist Sharmain Davis and Professional MasterChef winner Ash Mair, Fit Kitchen has created a range of delicious readymade meals (rrp £3.80), fulfilling the growing consumer demand for intrinsically healthy, convenient products. 

Available from January, the range includes Pad Thai Chicken with Zesty Sauce, Middle Eastern Grilled Chicken, Malaysian Grilled Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken.

Each meal is high in protein, vitamin and fibre, but low in calories and saturated fat. Each meal also contributes to three out your five a day.

Sales director Daniel Litchfield, said: “We have seen a number of markets respond to the growing interest in for positive wellness, changing their offering based on a smarter, more health conscious approach to diet and exercise. Following the trend of what has been done well by within other food categories, we looked to create something truly healthy in chilled fresh food with Fit Kitchen; rather than just a calorie deficit and bland tasting meal with no nutritional values.

“The Fit Kitchen brand is predominately targeting people that don’t diet, they simply choose to eat healthily to support their active lifestyle. We have made the packaging clear, youthful and bright, as we know the growing interest in health, food and fitness has become typically gender neutral. We are excited to be leading the development of this category, championing the importance of healthy options, even in the readymade meal market.”

 For stockist enquiries call: 0203 743 6241