Energizer has unveiled a new addition to its battery portfolio with the launch of the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Coin range.

Following the introduction of its longest latest battery Energizer Max Plus earlier this month, the brand is continuing to innovate with the arrival of its Ultimate Lithium line-up.

The new coin range is designed to caters for the increasing demand for longer lasting batteries used in smaller high-tech devices.

Energizer has made sure the speciality coin battery range holds power for up to 8 years in storage. The new range will be available in CR2025, CR2032 and CR2016 sizes (rrp £6 per two pack). The popular CR2032 size will also be available in a larger multi-pack (rrp £9 per four pack).

Amanda Broderick, Energizer marketing director for modern markets, said: “We are seeing an increasing demand from shoppers for longer lasting batteries for their devices. With the type of everyday devices rapidly changing, we are delighted to introduce a product that will power the likes of fitness devices, smart home products and hand-held items. The new Energizer Ultimate Lithium Coin is our longest lasting speciality battery range so far, (Kantar TNS, September 2017) which has performed extremely well in consumer surveys as a high performing product to power consumers’ most important devices.”

The Energizer Ultimate Lithium Coin range is available across grocery, impulse and wholesale now.