Indian snack brand Cofresh is getting ready for Diwali with its new ‘With Love & Spice’ campaign, designed to boost awareness of its range and drive footfall in the run-up to the winter season.

Cofresh Snacks

Programme sponsorship on Asian TV channels and national radio, together with poster and digital advertising, will lead this year’s campaign, which is aimed at increasing trial and repeat purchase of Cofresh products.

For the first time ever, the snack brand will be advertising on the back of 325 buses and at bus stops and key areas of high world food consumption including London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Bradford and Manchester. The poster campaign is expected to reach more than 18.5m consumers.

The bus advertising will go live on 14 October until 27 October. The printed and digital poster campaign at bus stops and outside top selling stores will run from 21 October until 3 November.

“This is a really exciting campaign which will highlight the core attributes of the Cofresh brand - great tasting, authentic Asian snacks - and drive awareness amongst mainstream snack consumers,” commented Debbie King, director of commercial sales & marketing at Cofresh. “The bus campaign is a really exciting departure from the norm for us but 325 buses driving around with Cofresh on their backs are guaranteed to maximise brand impact!”

Leading the brand’s Diwali product specials is Cofresh’s corn crackers, available for a limited time only in 120g sharing packs. Normally available in a 60g format, the crackers come in Hot & Spicy; Peri Peri; and Chilli & Lime flavours.

The trio of variants are suitable for vegetarians and will sit alongside Cofresh’s Bombay Mix and Chakri rice sticks, available in limited edition value bags (650g or 900g).

The brand’s Pani Puri, a traditional Indian street food snack comprising a round, crisp-fried dough ball (puri) which can be filled with chutneys, chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas, will also be available to stock.

Cofresh’s latest savoury mixes - Khatta Meetha and Chilli & Lemon Bombay Mix - come in two sharing packs (200g and 325g), alongside the brand’s potato-based Grills range come in new flavours: Peri Peri; Chilli Cheese; and Sweet Chilli (80g packs).

King added: “Diwali is one of the most celebrated occasions in the Indian calendar and its focus on celebrating and sharing makes it a natural opportunity for retailers to capitalise on the season of traditional get-togethers. However, it’s important to ensure you stock the right range for your customers otherwise you could miss out on valuable sales.

“The larger packs open up lots of new snacking opportunities for consumers while giving retailers the chance to capitalise on the growing trend for bold flavours and increased Diwali spending.”

Cofresh will be moving its core snacks range out of the world foods aisle and into seasonal during Diwali, with online and in-store promotions, as well as bespoke marketing. planned for individual retailers.

In addition, the brand has once again pledged to donate a proportion of the sale price from every pack of its Bombay Mix during Diwali to the Sankara Eye Foundation’s ‘Gift of Vision’ appeal, which works to eradicate curable blindness in India through its ‘Share the Light’ campaign.