As demand for sour confectionery continues to grow, Chewits has released new Xtreme sour pineapple. Priced at 37p, the 34g pack contains six sweets and joins the existing sour apple and sour tutti frutti flavours. The Xtreme range is aimed at an older audience of 11-14 year olds.

Sour products are a key growth sector, currently worth £11.2m and growing at 12%. The growth is ahead of overall Chewy Fruit Sweets, and share has increased to 8%, demonstrating that sours are a top choice with consumers.

Bev Seymour, trade marketing manager at Chewits, said: “Sours are currently a growing trend within the kids’ sweets category, and Chewits were amongst the first to bring sour confectionery to the market nearly 15 years ago. When we first launched the Xtreme Sour range in 2000, we saw massive sales and realised we had an instant hit in our portfolio, especially amongst older children.

“In such a significant, growing sector of the confectionery market, it’s important that we continue to be innovative with our products and ‘unleash the taste adventure’ in order to attract new consumers to our brand, and give our loyal consumers something new and exciting.

“We see Xtreme Sour Pineapple as a perfect extension of the Xtreme Sour portfolio. Pineapple is a popular flavour with younger consumers and naturally has a citrus zing, which translates into a sour really well. It certainly lives up to the Xtreme taste promise, so we’re confident that sour sweet lovers won’t be disappointed when they give it a try!”