Candyland has introduced a selection of 10p chew bars into its kid’s singles range.

In an effort to offer consumers retro classic confectionery at affordable prices, Wham, Fruit Salad and Black Jack chew bars, which previously retailed at 20p each, will now be part of the Candyland 10p kid’s singles offer.

Candyland has expaneded its kid’s singles range thanks to the addition of promotional pricemarked packs including Nougat (35g), Dip Dab (23g), Refresher Dip Dab (23g) and Refresher Rolls (34g), all of which boast a limited edition special promotional price of just 30p each.

The brand has also launched Catherine Wheels in a small pack format. Catherine Wheels were previously only available in a six pack format, but now a smaller, twin Catherine Wheel pack (rrp 39p) has been developed.

Senior brand manager Sarah Brown said: “Taking our best-selling kid’s singles into the pricemarked packs, not only makes them more widely available to a broader demographic of consumer, but also gives them more reason to buy thanks to the irresistible price of 30p. Likewise with the new chew bars, offering these retro items at a 10p price point enhances the existing range, while also offering consumers classic confectionery at purse-friendly prices.”