As part of a £4m marketing investment, Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Marvellous Rocky Mallow Road flavour, which features a smashables mould, made its TV debut earlier this month.

The 30-second TV advert is being aired in a number of high profile, primetime TV slots. Set in a hairdresser’s salon, the ad shows the employees closing up as their boss pulls a Rocky Mallow Road tablet from her draw, flips the bar and smashes it. The flavours - pink marshmallows, strawberry jellies and shortcake biscuit pieces – burst from the bar in an 8-second CGI montage. She then shares it with her staff and on eating it they break into an energetic synchronised dance routine.

The campaign is part of a £4m marketing investment in the brand, which also includes cinema, digital and Mondelez’s first lenticular outdoor advertising activity.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous range is now worth £49.7m, claims Mondelez. The launch of the range has been the biggest chocolate launch in the last three years and it is now in over a fifth of UK households.

Matthew Williams, marketing director at Mondelez, says: “This is such an innovative and exciting product and we knew the marketing had to live up to that. Our campaign is lively and inventive and this advert really captures the magic and personality of the Marvellous brand.”