Budweiser Brewing Group is to roll out a field of sales team to individually visit convenience stores around the UK.

In a move to intensify its commitment to the convenience sector, the group has expanded the team with sales experts who all specialise in their own region of the UK.

The company said that the growing team has focused on a specific range of products that have performed exceptionally well in convenience stores. It found that a variety of SKUs have risen from 8.6% to 11.7% this year, showing a real opportunity for customers to drive sales around key SKUs.

Alongside this, the brewer will launch a loyalty programme for convenience store partners next year. The programme hopes to incentivise stores to stock and maintain an array of Budweiser Brewing Group’s brands by offering cashback rewards to customers.

The programme is tiered, with rankings from bronze to gold based on the quantity of products and SKUs stocked. The Gold tier programme will allow stores to attain data that gives continuous updates on what product to sell and when, which is targeted to their area. Moreover, participating stores will have the chance to win tickets to events throughout the year.

Budweiser Brewing Group has also invested in buying insights data to gain valuable knowledge on what works best in the retail segment, per region. After seeing success with a regonal approach in 2023, the brewer is now expanding its research to include a consumer classification view, effectively segmenting the UK by postcode. This regional breakdown highlights exactly what product is working well in certain areas, enabling retailers to match the needs of the shopper.

It said by integrating this approach with the valuable insights data acquired this year, alongside the information gathered by its field sales team, the brewer can aim to tailor its product range and deliver an exceptionally personalised experience to each individual store and its shoppers.

Sunny Mirpuri sales director for convenience and wholesale at Budweiser Brewing Group said: “We quickly realised how effective a more personalised approach was in the convenience sector. This has allowed us to work with customers and be much more targeted to their consumers. We’re looking to grow the team even further in are excited to continue building on our offerings that meet the needs of our customers.”

Helen Sheridan client director for McCurrach UK Ltd said: “Since the team was formed, we’ve continuously evolved our strategy with Budweiser, as we acquire a more informed understanding of this channel and its unique needs. Unlocking the insight and data from our approach has been the key to a smarter and more targeted proposition. The shared commitment to agility and responsiveness in this dynamic retail landscape forms the foundation of our successful collaboration. We’re really excited to partner with Budweiser and contribute to the delivery of their plans for the year to come.”