Bud Light has launched a ‘Find Me If You Can’ promotion rewarding shoppers who discover one of 200 golden cans hidden in participating retailers.

Prizes of £250 are up for grabs as well as tickets to one of many Bud Light sponsored events, including: England football matches and National Football League UK games.

Every shopper who finds one of the beer brand’s golden cans will be given a unique code to enter at www.budlightgoldencan.co.uk.  The code will then reveal their prize.

Available from now until October, the promotional cans can be found hidden amongst all 440ml closed packs of Bud Light. Retailers from across the convenience channel can stock the limited-edition cans, which have been redesigned to feature an eye-catching gold colour.

Aina Fuller, marketing manager at Bud Light UK, said: “Bud Light continues to take a refreshingly uncomplicated attitude to life, which is why we’ve launched ‘The Golden Can: Find Me If You Can’ activation - a light hearted but high value competition where consumers simply have to find a Golden Can to win.

“Whilst remaining a simple treasure hunt, the competition is driven by consumer-led insights and research, ensuring that we’re reaching our consumers in the most effective ways, and therefore helping our customers to do so as well.”