Brewdog alcohol free

BrewDog is promoting positive mental health through a partnership with the award-winning campaign, #IAMWHOLE.

As well as introducing limited edition packs of Punk IPA Alcohol-Free 330ml, which hit stores this December, a donation from the sales will go towards supporting #IAMWHOLE, an award-winning mental health campaign aimed at young people, encouraging them to speak out, seek help, get support and change the stats.

The partnership will be promoted via marketing activity in January, which will see the brand launch a guerrilla-style OOH and digital awareness campaign, encouraging people to think about why mental health openness is still such a taboo for men, and to get them talking.

Alex Dullard, head of customer marketing at BrewDog PLC, said: “January can be difficult for many and a time when we need to look after our mental and physical health. That’s why we are teaming up with #IAMWHOLE for the second year and this time we are promoting it on-pack. The campaign does great work at breaking down the taboos around mental health and we’re really thrilled to be able to help spread the word.

“We advocate alcohol consumption in moderation, and there are many reasons shoppers decide to look for alternatives, mental well-being one of those. It’s vital that these options are available on-shelf, without customers having to compromise on taste and quality. We pride ourselves on offering a full-flavoured alcohol free option with Punk IPA, and with investment into driving awareness, we urge retailers to ensure they have the limited-edition packs on-shelf in time for Dry January.”

BrewDog also has some tips for retailers on how to look after their mental health this January:

• Switch “Sorry” for “Thank You”. For example, “I am sorry we don’t have that in stock”, “Thanks for asking about this product, I love it too, but unfortunately, we are all out”

• Take your breaks! Even if it’s a 15min sit down with your eyes closed. Prioritise your mental wellbeing on your shift

• When you are off you are off. Turn off your work notifications and don’t look at emails. Don’t let you or others confuse your free time with your availability