Boost Drinks is reformulating all of its energy skus in advance of the soft drinks industry levy, coming into force next April.

All reformulated Boost Drinks will contain 4.9g of sugar per 100ml. The new range will cost no more than the existing Boost range – to ensure the drinks are competitively priced for consumers and retailers.

The Boost brand has conducted extensive research into how it can make improvements to its products, particularly in terms of sugar content and calories.

Simon Gray, founder and managing director of Boost Drinks, said: “We are confident that this evolution of Boost will reflect what our consumers have been asking us for whilst still delivering a brand that continues to offer great taste, great performance and excellent value for money.”

Boost has also committed to all future new flavours and limited edition variants being sugar free. The brand will continue to support its existing sugar free energy skus.

Gray added: “We have spent a lot of time developing our reformulated range, as we were simply unwilling to compromise on the flavour. Our new recipes have had thorough consumer testing to make sure we retain that crucial Boost element – the taste!

“We remain firmly committed to delivering Boost’s core proposition around taste, energy and value but are now offering all that with half the calories of our previous recipes. We believe we have a great story to tell as this offers a win-win for our wholesale and retail customers as well as consumers – and is totally consistent with our Champion Of The Independents commitment.”

Boost Sport and Protein Boost are all exempt from the sugar levy and will continue to feature heavily in Boost Drinks marketing.

The reformulated Boost range will launch before February 2018. For more information, visit the official Boost Drinks website