Country Choice has launched new bite sized savouries.

The ambient snacks come in two varieties, bite size sausage, and cheese & onion rolls. Weighing around 24g, the bites contain pork sausagemeat, or a cheese and onion filling, wrapped in a crisp puff pastry.

Both can be cooked from frozen in around 25 minutes at 180°C, and can then be displayed for up to 12 hours in a sealed bag at room temperature, or up to four hours in a hot cabinet. County Choice recommends using its new Grab Bag and stickers to offer eight rolls for £1, visible through a large window in the packaging.

The rolls are supplied in 7kg cases, approximately 290 pieces, together with labels. Price per case is £22.95. The Grab Bags come in 500s, ideal for a floor-standing display unit.

For more information on the bite size savouries, or other products in the extensive Country Choice range call Freephone 0800 521366.