Snacking brand popchips is launching a ‘be a bit good’ campaign.

The new proposition humorously recognises the tokenistic efforts that Brits are prepared to make to be healthy, whether that’s eating a bag of popchips or signing up for the gym, and not going.

Inspiring consumers to try popchips and ‘be a bit good’, the campaign promotes a message of balance rather than extreme fitness regimes and fad diets.

The campaign activity comprises of out-of-home, press, point-of-sale and digital and a PR campaign.

Priding itself on providing customers with a great tasting alternative to fried and baked snacks, popchips has built up a loyal following of consumers who want a better-for-you alternative, without sacrificing on flavour and is looking to extend this fan base in 2016.

popchips Marketing Manager Ruth Fittock said: ”We’re excited to introduce popchips to new consumers by grabbing their attention with our fun new brand campaign which combines a widespread OOH presence with our first high impact digital ad placements. January is traditionally the time when consumers are bombarded with health messages so we hope our witty campaign, which recognises the reality of modern healthy living, will resonate and inspire consumers to give us a try!”