Jeyes is relaunching 40-year-old cleaning brand Kleen Off to capitalise on the growing demand for basic cleaning solutions.

Bleach, ammonia and bicarbonate of soda are finding their way back into favour with houseproud consumers. According to a recent Mintel Household Cleaning Products report, 32% of consumers believe that traditional cleaning products like bleach vinegar are as effective as new cleaning products.

With the likes of TV celebrities Kim and Aggie espousing the benefits of using caustic soda, among other traditional agents, in their How Clean is Your House programme it’s no surprise consumers are increasingly trying it out for themselves.

The result is a resurgence of old trusted brands like Vim, which was recently relaunched, and now Kleen Off from Jeyes.

The Kleen Off relaunch will see the introduction of new packaging with clearer product labelling.

Kleen Off brand manager Debbie Court explains: “New packaging is characterised by larger, clearer logos and product descriptors with easy-to-understand instructions on the reverse to highlight each product’s benefits. Tick boxes on each pack highlight the main principles of the products, eg laundry aid or stain remover. The packaging will help younger consumers learn how best to use the products.”

Kleen Off first appeared 40 years ago. Products are sold mainly through independent stores, with prices ranging from 29p to £1.69. Court says: “Kleen Off is a brand that enjoys good consumer awareness and has a strong brand heritage. I’m confident the new look will really catch consumers’ attention on-shelf.”

Each product is designed to tackle specific cleaning jobs. The range comprises a sink and drain un-blocker, toilet bleach, liquid toilet rim cleaner and a selection of household wipes, including lemon antibacterial and orange de-greasing options.

Court maintains the most popular choices are caustic soda and ammonia. “Caustic soda is still the best way to unblock drains. A bowl of ammonia left in a cold oven overnight will soften and loosen even the most burnt-on grime, and diluted in water it can’t be beaten for getting rid of stains on carpets. An open window will quickly disperse the ammonia smell!”

Kleen off range

Kitchen-focused products

Appliance descaler £1.69
Multi-purpose hob cleaner £1.69
Sink & drain unblocker £1.69
Ammonia £1.69
Caustic soda £1.69
Oven pads £1.39
Dishwasher deo 99p
Caustic oven aerosol £1.69


1ltr pine disinfectant 49p
500ml pine disinfectant bleach 39p
Bleach 750ml original 49p
Bleach 750ml citrus 49p


Lemon antibacterial £1.29
New clean & shine £1.29
Orange de-greasing £1.29
750ml pine toilet cleaner 49p
Liquid rim 69p
Solid rim pine 29p
Solid rim lavender 29p
Blue twin in-cistern 49p
Green quad in-cistern 79p
Blue quad in-cistern 79p