Allinson’s, one of the UK’s leading bread brands, is launching a new artisan bread range, inspired by the brand’s founder Thomas Allinson.

The new range by Allied Bakeries features distinctive packaging and is designed to tap into the demand for artisian-style loaves. The range will be available in an intial three skus; 10 Seeds & Grains, Olive & Rosemary and Honey & Wholemeal,

Allinson is also redesigning its existing bread range, with a move towards unique paper packaging from early next year. The packaging is designed to highlight the quality of the brand’s bakery products.

Matthew Cullum, head of marketing at Allied Bakeries, said: “Since launching our new-look Allinson’s brand in early 2017, we have seen a positive response to the innovative pack format designed for smaller households, as well as affirmation of Allison’s taste credentials and strong levels of loyalty. 

“We are now excited to introduce our new product range to the market, building on the surge in popularity we have seen for artisanal produce. This trend is being played out in-store across other categories such as beers, tonics and tea, and Allinson’s is the brand to bring better bread to the wrapped bread fixture.”

From January 2018, both new and existing Allinson products will be supported by a full advertising campaign and in-store communications to build sales momentum.

Cullum added: “The Thomas Allinson story is a unique tale of a rebel baker who stuck to his principles in order to deliver the best bread. Our new range and campaign draw on his pioneering spirit and personality to continue his legacy of delivering the best bread, everyday”.

The new Allinson’s loaves will be available from January 2018 (rsp £1.89 for 410g unsliced cob).