AG Barr is launching a new low-sugar range and on-the-go packaging for its Snapple brand.

Rolling out from May, the drive will focus on three key areas; impactful new packaging, the launch of ‘no added sugar’ NPD including Iced Tea, a sampling campaign and digital activity.

The redesigned Snapple juice drink range will mark the introduction of a new size (473ml) of the classic Snapple glass bottle in line with those sold in the USA and a clean-look, premium label with branding that highlights the brand’s New York heritage.

The range will include a new ‘low calorie’ Raspberry Peach flavour and a ‘no sugar’ Iced Tea range which contains just 10 calories per 473ml bottle. The ice teas are made with black and green tea leaves to provide a combination of real tea and real fruit flavour.

Snapple is the leading iced tea brand in the USA and will be available in the UK in three refreshing flavours (Lemon, Peach and Raspberry). The drinks are available in a premium 473ml glass bottle or a new 330ml re-sealable prisma pack for on-the-go consumption.

“Snapple has already built a loyal following in the UK with sales up by +33% year-on-year and consistent growth for the last five years (IRI Marketplace, Value Sales)” said Adrian Troy, Head of Marketing at AG Barr. “The wide range of unique flavours meets the needs of consumers while adding incremental value for retailers through its premium positioning and price point.

“The new design will provide greater standout on-shelf whilst highlighting the brand’s New York City heritage, while the new low-sugar additions to the range will appeal to those consumers looking for a healthier alternative.

“With six in 10 fruit drinks now being consumed ‘on-the-go’, our new prisma packs are the ideal format to deliver refreshment while on the move as they are resealable and 330ml adult sized. The new cartons also protect the product, keeping it at its freshest for the best flavour delivery.”

Snapple will be driving consumer awareness and trial with ongoing sampling at university campuses and in central London locations over the summer. The brand will also be supported by extensive digital activity.