Empire Bespoke Foods has moved into the speciality coffee market with the launch of two Swiss-made, “gourmet” instant coffee brands.

The new products – Bushido and Egoiste – are produced in Switzerland by the Hors’ Group, using only 100% Arabica coffee beans and containing only the top 20% of coffee beans from each crop.

Bushido is produced using advanced Freeze Dried technology which helps to retain more natural ingredients and deliver “a more delicate taste and extraordinary aroma”. The range comprises Original, Black Katana and Gold 24k, which features rare grades of 100% high-hill Arabica beans from Equatorial Africa with the addition of 24 carat edible gold.

Recommended retail prices for the 100g packs are £7.15 for Bushido Original, £8.00 for Katana Black, £8.00 and £30 for the exclusive Bushido Gold 24k.

The newly-launched Egosite range is produced unique, patented In-Fi Technology. Thisevenly distributes the finely-ground roasted coffee amongst all the soluble coffee crystals. This results in granules of instant coffee with grains of natural, finely-ground roasted coffee inside each particle.

The ingenious new process protects the ground coffee from oxidation and preserves the aroma.

The Egoiste range comprises four distinct products offering a wide range of aromas and strengths, presented in eye-catching packs which feature the Swiss flag and also highlight the In-Fi Technology.

Recommended retail prices for 100g packs are £8.10-£8.82 with a 50g Egoiste Special also available at £5.15