The Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) and PayPoint have created a forum to enhance communications between PayPoint and Scottish retailers.

Beginning in early 2016 the forum will meet twice a year and examine key issues around commission, bank charges, simple payments, fraud and communications.

The meeting will take place in both Glasgow and Edinburgh and be chaired by the SGF.

It was agreed following a meeting involving SGF chief executive Pete Cheema, PayPoint head of UK retail management Darren Tredgett and senior SGF retailers.

Cheema said: “This is part of our ongoing constructive engagement with PayPoint. The Forum will be a big step forward in improving relations and ensuring that both side understand the issues and challenges they face.

“It will also be a big step towards finding workable solutions to these challenges.”

PayPoint’s Tredgett added: “We are keen to engage with all of our retailers to understand their businesses and help them profit from having PayPoint in store.

“It’s fantastic that we can work closely together with the SGF to establish the Scottish Retailers Forum and we’re looking forward to having constructive discussions and joining forces on addressing the key challenges facing retailers.”