Nisa will marks its 40th anniversary this year with a series of special events and promotions.

The celebrations will culminate in a month of birthday celebrations in October, the month the business was launched in 1977.

Activity will roll out in stores and across Nisa’s various online platforms through a planned schedule of 40th Anniversary marketing campaigns, featuring specially created POS kits and gondola end displays and supported through national newspaper and online advertising.

As October approaches a member-facing promotion will offer 40 leading deals, while a consumer campaign will invite shoppers to open a present a day for 40 days, with a Heritage own label hamper on offer to all winners.

Nisa’s Making A Difference Locally (MADL) charity will also ‘take over’ Nisa’s October consumer leaflet, ensuring every promoted line contributes to MADL, with the intention of driving greater fundraising and investment in local communities.

“This is a milestone year for Nisa and we’re very much focused on using it to recognise and celebrate who and what Nisa was built on; loyal, independent retailers and the communities they serve,” said Nisa’s sales director Steve Leach.

Nisa was formed by entrepreneurs Dudley Ramsden and Peter Garvin to help independent retailers compete against the growing influence of the multiple supermarket groups.