Nisa has developed a new app to help its member place their orders more easily.

The app enables retailers to build and place orders, price-check products and promotions, and view deliveries on a list of certified iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Members have been issued with full instructions for the installation process for the app, which is now live.

Nisa’s head of business systems, Peter Walker, said: “The app has been created to help our members and make their lives that little bit easier. It allows retailers to check products, promotional offers, place orders and check deliveries whilst they are on the move.”

The app has a scanning function which allows retailers to quickly create orders and search for products in-store using the built-in camera on their device, avoiding the need for them to buy expensive, hand-held scanning equipment.

“It is a simple, no-cost option for retailers to quickly create and place orders. Stand-alone hand-held ordering units have, to date, been a costly piece of equipment and often restrictive to use. With this app, the full Nisa range can now be easily searched regardless of location, and with the quick order function utilising the mobile devices existing camera to read barcodes, ordering is now simpler and faster than ever,” Walker added.

A utilities function has also been developed which allows retailers to quickly calculate any combination of margin, cost or sell to help maximise profits in store. Members can also use the app to quickly check their Nisa deliveries and see pre-sells, substitutions and amendments to orders.

The app has now been launched to all members following a trial period.

“The members who have been trialling the app have been very complimentary and they are finding it a very simple and efficient process. I’m confident it will make a big difference to our members as they get on board in the coming weeks,” Walker said.