PayPoint and News International are to give newspaper purchasers their first taste of paperless discounts with digital money-off coupons for The Sun and News of the World.
From this week until March 1, readers who sign up will receive a text message containing a seven-digit number which will give them a 10p discount at PayPoint retailers.
More than half-a-million people are expected to be offered the electronic discount, raising fears among retailers of delays at the counter while the code number is typed in. PayPoint says the transaction will take up to 30 seconds, but points out that the promotion is intended to encourage new customers to the store, with a total discount of £3.60. It adds that the scheme will be easier to administer than paper coupons and will see retailers recoup their money within six days, far quicker than with traditional schemes.
PayPoint retail director Mike Igoe said the company would introduce similar schemes throughout 2008. He added: "We will continue to deliver traffic-driving schemes for PayPoint retailers."