Chris Mitchener, of Swan Street Stores, Hampshire, is the latest high-profile retailer to switch from Costcutter to Nisa.

He said he based his decision on late and incomplete deliveries from P&H, as well as customers’ demand for Nisa’s own brand Heritage range.

“For me, the main reason for leaving Costcutter and joining Nisa was down to the Heritage range. I was no longer able to give my customers what they wanted, so they began going elsewhere,” he said.

Chris said he was losing almost £3,000 a week in sales because he couldn’t stock the Heritage products. Since moving to Nisa, he said the Heritage range had continued to grow and the products had got “better and better – they’re brilliant”.

“This year has possibly been one of the hardest yet, what the suppliers did to us was awful,” he added. “Sales improved in the first week with Nisa, no question, although there is still a way to go.”

A number of Costcutter retailers have switched to Nisa since the summer, including the Cheema family and J&J Wilson, member for the last 25 years.