Retailers are being warned to expect an increase in product recalls because of greater scrutiny from regulators and the media.
The prediction comes from risk and insurance services firm Marsh, which surveyed 232 food and beverage companies across Europe.
The report, Managing liability in the food and beverage sector, found that regulators are now faster to withdraw products from the market.
Jeremy Moore, practice leader for cost recoveries at Marsh, said: "A number of developments over the past year have increased liability for organisations and are forcing them to prepare more for recalls.
"More media attention and compulsory public notification of withdrawals mean that the days of the silent recall are now over."
Londis retailer David Smith, who owns Smith's Corner Store in Grimoldby, Lincolnshire, said: "I certainly get the feeling that we've had to deal with more product recalls in the past few years.
"We probably have to deal with some kind of recall every two or three weeks. If it's handled properly by the manufacturers and ourselves then there isn't a knock-on effect. There needs to be good communication across the board, though."