Shoppers can now order a wide range of groceries from their local Marks and Spencer (M&S) store and have them delivered within one hour.

Executed by the online ordering and delivery company Togle, the new service is currently available to shoppers in West and South West London, with central London postcodes to be added in the next couple of months.

Abay Kuzhagaliyev, co-founder of Togle, said: “We strongly believe that nowadays, people shouldn’t be waiting long for their groceries to be delivered. M&S do not offer delivery but as a top supermarket we believe delivery is something people want.”

Togle employs a large team of “well trained” local shoppers who, upon receipt of an order will “carefully choose the freshest products available on the shelf,” before delivering them within the hour.

The service is “ideal for city workers, who enjoy the finer foods in life but do not have time to do a regular shop,” Kuzhagaliyev added.

Both Amazon and Sainsbury’s are now offering one-hour grocery deliveries to shoppers in selected London postcodes.