The defection of Mace retailers in Scotland from Somerfield continues, with a further two leaving to join Spar.

Four retailers, who own 10 stores between them, have moved across to Scottish Spar wholesaler CJ Lang in the last month. A fifth unnamed Mace retailer is set to join them this week.

All have pointed to a lack of communication from Somerfield and uncertainty over the multiple’s future as reasons for their departure.

John and Mary Foy, who run a store in Kinmylies near Inverness, and David and Jacqui Jamieson, who run a store in Glencoe, have joined John Murray, who runs six c-stores in the north of Scotland, and Innes MacDonald, who runs one store in Ross-shire and another in Inverness, in quitting Somerfield at Mace to join Spar.

Jacqui Jamieson said that since Somerfield had acquired the wholesaler Aberness it had “forgotten about the independent Mace estate”.

She and her husband are now looking to double the size of their store under the Spar fascia.

A spokeswoman for CJ Lang would neither confirm not deny whether these were the last independent Mace retailers who would be joining the symbol group in the near future.