With just over one month to go before large stores in England must comply with a tobacco display ban, JTI has launched a free compliance guide on its website www.tobaccoretailing.com.

The  ‘Preparing for the Tobacco Display Ban’ guide, has been designed specifically to help retailers who have a JTI gantry or any other JTI merchandising equipment installed in their store prepare for the impending changes.

The new rules regarding the display of tobacco products are set to come into force in England on April 6 and failure to comply could result in penalties including large fines and/or imprisonment.

All large shops/wholesalers with over 280 square metres (3,000 square foot) of display/selling area will be affected.

“JTI is wholly committed to assisting its customers understand how these legal changes will impact on their business and how to prepare for them in an effective and compliant way,” JTI’s head of communications Jeremy Blackburn said. “The new informative easy-to-digest presenter will help businesses understand the impending tobacco display restrictions and offer guidance on how to implement changes in their store.”

“Our advice to retailers is to monitor sales, observe and react to any trends and reassure customers it is business as usual. It sounds obvious but it’s so important for retailers to ensure the basic principles of category management are continuously put into practice,” he added.