Kettle has created a new Ridge Cut range inspired by the biggest and best flavours from across the globe.

Available nationwide from September, the range includes chinese spare ribs, barbecue beef brisket and jalapeño jack.

As with the whole Kettle range, the new ridge products are made using only real food ingredients and are available in sharing packs with a handy pack barbecue beef brisket following in October. 

Kettle’s new Ridge Cut chips are made by freshly sliced whole potatoes rather than reforming potato. This gives that signature Kettle crunch and carves out extra surface area for seasoning to cover for a big taste impact.

Kettle Chips’ innovation chef Phil Hovey said: “Having the chance to create the brand new Ridge Cut range for Kettle was a fun one. Ridge chips are always associated with big flavours but I wanted to produce a ’Kettle does it better’ look at BBQ, bringing the real food ingredients and exciting cooking techniques into an area that has always been dominated by a fairly generic sweet, sharp Texas BBQ sauce. Barbecue is a cooking technique found the world over and experimenting with new techniques, smokes and woodchips is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. Whilst each country has a favourite barbecue dish, ultimately, each utilises the same basic process whether it’s low and slow smokers in the Deep South, fiery Braais in South Africa or the precision cooked Yakatori of Japan.

“I’ve been inspired and played on a few of my favourite flavours; smoky barbecue beef brisket, sweet & sticky Chinese ribs and you’ve got to have creamy melted cheese & fleshy, acidic Jalapeños.”