Leading c-store retailers are singing the praises of digital media screens, ahead of a national roll-out by one of the main providers.

Convenience Retailer of the Year 2016 Scott Graham has hailed screens at his store as “one of the biggest success of the year so far”, having seen increased response to store promotions.

The store, McLeish in Inverurie, was fitted with digital media screens from Hi! Street Digital Media just before Christmas.

He said: “Our store is on a busy high street and old-school wholesaler posters just don’t offer the standout we need to really catch our customers’ attention, particularly on dark evenings. We’ve had fantastic results for promotions we are running on screen and in-store, particularly meal deals.

“Food to go is such an important part of our offering now, having the additional awareness has definitely contributed to more sales.”

Raj Aggarwal, Spar retailer in Leicestershire, said: “Technology is vital for retailers; millennials expect it and we need to move with the times to stay ahead of the competition. The most successful thing about the screens is that the content stops shoppers in their tracks, it grabs their attention as they are passing or about to go into a store, prompting them to make purchases they otherwise may not have.”

Hi! Street Digital Media is launching nationally in 250 stores this month after a 12-month trial. Managing partner Jonathan Daniels said: “Competition on the high street is rife and with shopper loyalty at an all-time low, our tried-and-tested advertising medium provides retailers with an important point of difference.”