Nigel Crocker wrote from Hayes News that he had been taking part in Coca-Cola’s voucher scheme over the past few months. He says: “They have been giving away vouchers close to our store in Cardiff city centre which entitled the customer to a free bottle of Coke Zero. They have been there regularly so we have built up a large supply of these vouchers.

“We waited for the giveaway to finish and expiry date to pass so we could send the vouchers off together for reimbursement.”

He sent them off. “Postage alone cost me £4.40,” he said.

A fortnight later he got an e-mail from the redemption company, Valassis, telling him that his claim had been passed to Coca-Cola for review, a process that could take up to six weeks.

“In total we returned 320 vouchers with a value of about £520; to say that I am annoyed is an understatement. We accepted the vouchers in good faith and have proof of purchase as well as epos data to cover the quantities of stock given away.”

Upshot: the Crockers have stopped accepting the vouchers until they are reimbursed for the first lot.

CCEP responded quickly with an apology and said: “Due to the sheer volume of coupons we receive, additional checks are required to validate claims. While Mr Hayes was given a six-week lead time on this review period, our average turnaround is a lot less than this.”

In fact, Nigel has already got his money back. Cheers Coke!