Always remember that the contract you signed up for - for however-many years, whether it’s for a coffee machine, a copier machine or a cash machine - will not have been drawn up with you in mind.

Clayton Danks, trading as a Londis in Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, had a five-year contract with YourCash which finished in 2014. It had been very popular, but he had stopped selling fuel at his site and therefore didn’t have enough cash to fill the machine and so he decided to cancel. He was told that, because he hadn’t given three months’ notice, he had been rolled over for another five years.

When he argued a rep visited to offer alternatives such as a charging machine, but he turned it down and the machine was removed in January 2015. In November he got a bill for £4K+ which the company said it had forgotten to invoice earlier. He disputed it, but then received a court claim for loss of earnings.

He says he never made any money from the original contract and didn’t expect to because that wasn’t the deal, but he had offered the use of his site. So he really didn’t expect to have to cough up now there was no longer a machine.

By the time Clayton called the helpline, he had decided to fight. He later tells me that it was settled at mediation stage.

“They offered to settle for £3,000, I offered £1,000. They said no, so I offered £1,500. We settled at £1,700.”

A better result, but still painful. “And it leaves a nasty taste,” says Clayton.