Have you had your email from Mrs Gaddafi yet? Safia Farkash Gaddafi’s dearly departed Muammar apparently left her well fixed however she requires a reliable foreign partner to handle her funds stashed in Ghana. You may have sussed that I didn’t fall for it, and I’m in no way suggesting you might either.

Anyway, that intro was just a ploy on my part. I started with Mrs Gaddafi because it makes a change from starting with Ukash where, unfortunately, some are still falling for it. So, I am going to continue with Ukash, as threatened in the last issue, then go on to PayPoint, as promised.

However, it’s good to report that customers at Mansukh Varu’s Ministore in Sutton are in safe hands with their Ukash transactions. So far he has saved two female customers from handing over wads of cash to the con artists.

“The first lady said they told her they were going to give her some tax back.” Mansukh saved her the £200 she had been prepared to spend in vouchers. The second lady, who was Chinese, wanted to spend £250 and said she had already given out her bank details.

He told her to stop all bank activity at once. We salute him.