In the last issue we ran a query from Andrew Carne, (The Old Boathouse, Sennen Cove, Penzance) on the plain packaging regs vis-a-vis cigars. He has also tried to check out the rules and regs with Cornwall Council. He writes: “After checking the validity of an unsolicited email from Business Regulatory Support, I discovered that it was a new body, an arm of Cornwall Council, offering help to businesses on regulatory matters.

“I duly wrote an email to them. They responded that they were a free signposting service, able to direct me to the appropriate contacts in Cornwall Council - presumably the same service I would have had by telephoning the council!

“What really shocked me was that the trading standards officer the service pointed me at would charge £36 (including VAT, at cost) for half-an-hour advice.

“I thought that it would be interesting to see if any other of your readers were being charged for assistance in trying to remain law-abiding businesses.”

I’d be interested in hearing, too. I can only think that if one Trading Standards office makes money out of this, the word will spread.