In December I reported that Vipul Pabari (Connaught Road Post Office, Market Harborough) had been in touch to say that he hadn’t seen a Nestlé rep in yonks and he was owed about 36 cases of chocolate for taking part in the company’s reward scheme. I contacted Nestlé and they confirmed that Vipul was “part of the Nestlé Confectionery call file”. And it had all been sorted out. When I checked, Vipul said the Nestlé rep had visited and promised him that they would catch up on 18 months-worth of rewards.

“They’re worth about £400,” he said, “but they’re not prepared to pay it all at once. It might take one-and-a-half years to catch up.”

Then he rang me again as it had all gone pear shaped. “They promised two cases every month to catch up. But the rep changed and the new one doesn’t know anything about it.”

Since this was now the situation, he asked me if I couldn’t get all the cases for him at once. So I contacted Nestlé again, sending them the original story as it appeared. But this time it was no dice.

A spokesperson responded: “We have completed a thorough investigation of the coverage and Pay & Display Reward history of this outlet and our evidence does not support Mr Pabari’s version of events. We are unable to share any further details due to customer confidentiality. Our sales team will liaise directly with Mr Pabari.”