Bharat Patel runs a kiosk called Cottage Photos (named from a bygone time when there was a trade in pics) in Swiss Cottage Underground station in North London. He rang to say that he had eight years’ worth of points that he had saved under Cadbury’s reward scheme. He knew that the scheme had finished, but hadn’t seen a rep in four years and couldn’t seem to reach anyone at head office. He says he always adhered to the planograms and faithfully saved the points. But now the business is going on the market and he would like to cash them in. He thought they were worth between £300-£400.

I got in touch with the press office and Mondelez replied: “Thank you Jac, for bringing this matter to our attention. Having received information from yourself of Mr Patel’s situation, we immediately set up a meeting to discuss his case in person. Our sales force is one of the largest and - we believe - finest in the country, and we take pride in offering excellent customer service to our loyal partners, of which Mr Patel is one. Following our meeting, we are pleased to say that we have come to a resolution which is satisfactory for both parties.”

Not half - Bharat rang back to say that a rep had come by his house and given him nearly £500 in vouchers. Visiting tube station kiosks was very difficult said rep…no parking!