In mid-March I ran an appeal for a user-friendly pricing gun for Peter Smith (Sutton Benger Post Office, Wiltshire). His trusty 30-year-old Norprint 2/9 machine had broken and the 3/9 upgrade/replacement was too difficult to load owing to Peter’s left-handedness and painful carpal tunnel syndrome suffered in both hands.

He had written to his supplier, Sato UK, but hadn’t heard back.

But now he has had a call from the company’s md no less, apologising for the delayed response and they have reconditioned an old 2/9 for him.

So Peter went from previously bemoaning that they don’t make them like that anymore, to being delighted.

“And how’s that for customer service?” he says.

Pretty good. I’m tempted to say they don’t make many like Sato anymore either!