Raja Razzaq (Alifs Self Service, Shipley, Yorkshire) was going to be charged £250 for failing to send his unsold Scratchcards back to Camelot in time. He says he went away for six weeks and also delayed in returning them after he got back. But he adds: “It’s not that I’m cheating them.” He pointed out that £250 represented six or seven weeks’ commission.

I put his case to Camelot and a spokeswoman replied: “Retailers were sent the returns bags and the lists of games to return in February/March 2016. The deadline for returning these was 19 August and all retailers would have been reminded at various points throughout the process, including via regular terminal messages and postal mailouts in April and July.

“However, my colleagues have looked into Mr Razzaq’s account and have seen that he has not had any missed returns over the past few years. For this reason, they have agreed to a one-off goodwill gesture for this particular missed return. However, as I say, this is a well-established process and there are a number of reminders throughout the process, so this is very much a one-off credit based on his particular circumstances.”