A few years ago Sudesh Gupta invested in some epos for his Quick Stop store in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire. “When I buy something I look at it very closely,” he says. Very wise, too.

“I asked them ‘Do you charge a licence fee and a supporting fee?’ - which are two other ways to make money. They said yes, so I said I don’t want it then. So they said, ‘Okay, for you we’ll remove it’. I got it in writing.” (He did, too - he emailed me that bit of the contract where it was spelled out.)

“But every year they try to charge me for a licence fee and every year we have to send proof that I’ve got it in writing.”

I spoke to the company, e-novations, and a spokesman confirmed that this is a long-running dispute that almost came to court. As I understand it (and I’m not guaranteeing that I do), the licence renewal prompt has to happen if Sudesh is going to get his upgrade. “It’s an industry standard,” he says. “We can take it out completely if he wants, but the upgrades won’t happen.”

He pointed out that the company manages many licences - and that Sudesh has cost them rather a lot over the years.

It sounds like he is going to have to put up with the aggro of responding to the prompt each time. But at least it doesn’t cost him anything to just resend the email.