In the final issue last year I reported Iain Lyall’s painstaking summary of the 17 required functions he had to carry out for one transaction through his Payzone terminal for a 10p profit.

He is now waiting for removal of the terminal and the Health Lottery play station.

He has produced a leaflet to explain to customers why they will no longer be able to pay for utility and phone top-ups in store. It reads in part: “Due to the continuing erosion of margins on phone top-ups and utility payments, Glan Conwy General Stores took the decision six months ago that it was no longer viable to offer the services through a Payzone terminal. That six months’ notice that Payzone required has now expired.

“We would like to take the opportunity to advise customers of the reasons: phone top-ups are at typically 2% commission utility and council tax payments commission rates are just 5p or 6p per transaction Health Lottery is 5% commission on sales. It takes two minutes to complete every transaction. A £5 top-up at that rate generates just £3 per hour, which is less than half the minimum wage! Bank charges are 50p per £100 banked and 25p per debit card.”

It goes on to explain that thermal audit rolls are almost £1 each and last for fewer than 40 transactions, and points out the long delays he has had in resolving terminal problems.

Iain is now presumably looking at other ways to promote his business in 2013.