You may remember, two issues back, the plight of Ajay Parehk, whose Londis store in an ultra-competitive part of Nottingham had fallen victim to Booker’s allocation scheme. They kept sending him stuff that he couldn’t sell. He had up to £400 in unshiftable surplus. He now has about £800-worth out the back and has lost £100 in out-of-date goods.

There has been plenty of discussion. “But I don’t think it’s going anywhere,” he says. “If I drop out of the allocation scheme altogether, I’ll have to lose the fascia. I think they are sticking to their guns.”

In January he will switch to the smaller forecourt allocation, which should help, but he feels it isn’t a total solution because he says there will still be goods he can’t sell.

He is also still negotiating over that £800-worth. “Give it to somebody who can sell it!”