Kishan Patel, who runs Barnet Convenience Store in North London, got in touch over missing Cadbury loyalty vouchers after reading about others in a similar situation. That was easily fixed (Mondelez/Cadbury has responded well to all of these). But while he was at it, Kishan had a rant about Wrigley’s, too.

He says that when he first got a lighted display unit five years ago he was told by the Wrigley’s rep that he would get two free boxes of gum every six months to compensate for the electricity bill, but the free stock never materialised and neither did the rep until recently. He ends his moans with: “It never ends – shopkeeper problemsssssssss.”

Here’s the company’s response: “Wrigley is committed to working closely with retailers to help them grow their gum and confectionery sales. It is not Wrigley policy to offer free stock with the use of an LED-lit gum unit. Overall, the purpose of the unit is to support retailers in driving visibility of gum while doing so in a low-energy way to ensure it is cost efficient to run on a daily basis.

“Trials have shown a proven uplift in sales from use of these units and feedback from retailers has been extremely positive.

“Wrigley takes all complaints seriously and has already followed up with Kishan to discuss his concerns in more detail.”

So someone got the wrong end of the stick. Best to get promises in writing.