Nigel Dowdney heard last March that both branches of NatWest and Barclays in the High Street in Stalham, Norfolk, would be closing come September.

“Opportunity,” he thought and immediately began casting about for companies offering free-to-use in-store ATMs. You would think companies would be biting his arm off. And so it seemed at first. Cashzone/Cardtronics had, with perfect timing, contacted Nigel out of the blue. He asked for a meeting. “A very personable lady met me at Stalham Shopper to do a site survey.”

The deal was an ATM using his present broadband connection and 10p per transaction for the first 1,500, to 15p after that for a self-fill operation. “This I compared with others that I had had discussions with and found it quite reasonable.”

There followed several contacts, all going nicely, until Nigel asked for a copy of their contract and T&Cs in late August so that he could show them to his solicitor before signing.

When Nigel contacted me in late November he had heard nothing, despite many phone calls and emails and contacting head office. His solicitor thought there might be a good case for a claim and Nigel was considering that, plus alternative suppliers.

Christmas then got in the way and I wasn’t back in touch with him until mid-January.

Turns out that, after Nigel flexed his muscle as a director of the Association of Convenience Stores, he managed to get the T&Cs and is still in discussions with Cashzone.

I’ll bet his solicitor has his magnifying glass out.