Tony Harris, from Wiltshire, phoned with what he believes is a solution to Nigel Crocker’s mystery blip in our last issue. Nigel had paid his Camelot D/D into the post office in good time only to discover that there had been a lag between it leaving the PO and reaching Santander. Penalties ensued.

The same thing happened to Tony. His partner was away so he paid the Camelot credit into her Santander account at the post office.

“I got a receipt, but the payment took the best part of a month to get there. Because the paying-in book can only be used at a Santander branch, so it has to be processed by someone.”

And, in Tony’s case that someone put down the wrong account number and it went astray. Such transfers should take one day - and show up within two days.

Tony adds: “You’re better off with a business account with Santander. The money will be credited instantly after paying it in at the post office.”